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QA1 Promo Star Double Adjustable Coil over kit





BRAND NEW! QA1 Promo Star DOUBLE ADJUSTABLE  Coil Over Shock W/ QA1 spring. Great for drag racing,super class racing.This is an Aluminum Shock with an external graduated adjustment knob. Features a total of twelve settings that adjust bump and rebound simultaneously. Included is 5/8″ hard chrome piston rod,seals, and bearings. poly mounts(available in bearing mount).Qa1 Spring is made with silicone/vanaduim spring wire available.QA1 springs are dyno tested to insure each spring is within 5% of it advertised rate. 3,4,5,or 7 Stroke available. 9″ stroke available for an additional $50.00.
One pair Shock & springs $589.95
Shock only(1) $ 249.00 plus shipping Shock pair(2) $549.95 plus shipping $20.00-$40.00 less than other retial stores. SPRINGS ONLY $45.95 EACH I accept credit card,money order, or paypal payment. call me 502-314-3984 or 502-447-4881.    


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